Friday, April 23, 2010

Computers and Humans are Different

With a new processor in market every year we are making our computers and our technology more advanced. The advancement is all about making computers faster, more reliable , making them understand humans better, play with them, make them entertain us and all.

Only things in which computers differ from humans is that they cannot think and cannot take any decision they are not programmed for. But there are things in which they are better than humans. They are faster, reliable, won’t get tired, don’t need breaks every hour, never try to avoid work etc. Today we have designed them to do almost every work humans can do. In today’s world we have a lot of work to finish in a very limited time so obviously computers come to our rescue and help us in completing more work in less time in a very efficient manner.

So we are making our computers more human friendly and trying to put in them the things in which they lack. We have equipped them with artificial intelligence. We have even programmed computers to take some particular type of decisions and made them respond to some feelings too(not commands) like humans. So we have supplied them the ‘feelings’ and ‘decision making’ they lack in. But still to work with computers we have to behave with them the way they expect that is the way we have programmed them or a typical computer way. Now they have become a part of our lives and we are spending a lot of time with them and during this time we have to deal with computers in their language i.e we deal with only the feelings they understand and give them commands in a way they want. Its becoming our habit and now we started dealing with humans the same way and expect them to respond in a similar manner.

Obviously to compete in today’s world even humans need to be more faster, reliable and accurate or may be feelingless like computers. Imagine in nearby future we will even forget(in work pressure even now we do) that we are human and then a computer will remind us that we are humans. Like if you are working continuously for hours a message will pop up on your screen saying “ Hi! You had already worked for four hours, now u should have a break. Go and grab something to eat and stretch your limbs. Should I play some soft music for u? ”.

This way we are not only playing with our health but also loosing our feelings and some of our human virtues. We are now good at work. We are faster , accurate and reliable in our particular fields but are not good humans anymore. We can fight for every single thing and no human can be trusted so easily . We are getting too selfish and we call it “professionalism”.

But this is obvious because creating professionals is the aim of modern education not good humans. We are never tested for any human values but for accuracy and speed. Today even “Social Work” is a professional course.

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