Monday, August 29, 2011

After Anna's Movement and Acceptance of Jan Lokpal Bill

There is no doubt that CORRUPTION is affecting every Indian so no one can say he don't want it to be killed. But no one knew how to begin?? Then came the Anna's movement at the right time and found big support in the form of angry and helpless Indians. 

But people like me smelled something fishy in the movement in the beginning. Actually we could not agree to all of the points of Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill and cannot completely trust some members of Anna's team. And the fact that we had no better idea did not convince us to start following anybody with the cause. So we took a neutral stand with inclination towards Anna. But their slogan,“either you are with us or against us”,made us the opposition.

Most of the people supporting Anna were emotional about corruption and many of them were anti-government(or politically motivated). In its last dayz the movement was turning anti-government because Anna's health was going down and people started thinking the government is not that serious about corruption. Even Anna's team was getting accused by people like Bal Thackrey, Lalu , Outlook Magazine for playing with Anna's life and also observed rift (with Justice Hedge, Aruna Roy etc even leaving the team). But when the opposition seemed to come in full support the government agreed to almost all the demands of Anna's team.

In the end, of that so called Revolution, team Anna cleverly tried to please minorities and schedule castes by having Anna break his 12 day long fast by the hand of a Muslim and a Dalit girl. It seems someone in the team has political ambitions or there is another movement ahead.

Now the movement may have ended but fears of a powerful Jan Lokpal becoming a parallel government in itself still remain. In November the bill will be converted into a law. Only future will tell if the movement is sucessfull or if it just raised the TRPs of NEWS channels and wasted the precious time and energy of Indian youth.

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