Friday, June 8, 2012

Issues with First Job.

Everyone wants to find a good job after college thinking that it will solve all problems. There is suspense over how the knowledge we have gained in school and college is applied in real world. And what happens in those multi-storey buildings which house big companies. Here I tried to capture some of the issues which I faced after joining.

Learn living alone.

              The very first issue you face after college is adjusting in an alien environment. You spent your school life with family and college life with friends. However while doing job you should learn living alone. Yes you can meet family or friends but only on weekends. Weekdays are really hectic. Even in college when you were new you faced issues in adjusting initially. But unlike college people in corporate world are more professional and all of them are of different age group and mentality.

How to handle money?

Best thing about corporate job is money. Unlike college now you have lots of money. You can buy anything you like and you are less answerable to anyone about where you spent money. The bad thing about having lot of money is it makes you vulnerable to bad habits. You actually don't know how to manage money. At times you end up spending money uselessly.

Suddenly Grown Up.

Till college you thought you are a kid. Suddenly you feel grown up. Now you are supposed to make many decisions on your own. You also face responsibilities. Your parents start sharing with you the family problems which were kept away from you earlier.

You or Society.

Now you are part of society. People start taking you seriously. You have to follow rules of society. You have to change your " who cares" attitude. Aakhir ghar waalon ki izzat ka sawal hai.

Cant eat more..!!

There was this magical thing about college and school that you kept eating whatever you like and as much as you like. But now you keep sitting in office whole day so you start gaining weight. Now you have to find time for exercising and avoid over eating.

Future planning. 

Unlike college its not exams you should worry about. Actually you don't even know what you should plan for( atleast i have no idea). People tell you to just work hard. And they always say that.

Having said all this, there are many good things too about your first job. I think there is no need to capture  them. Those are the things that make you do lot of hard work for finding a nice job.

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