Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Next Big Event??

In last 23 years, I always had something in my mind. Something that was supposed to happen a year or two down the line. Something that was supposed to change my life, if not forever, for at-least the coming year. Something that needed preparation. In childhood it was annual exam. Later, it was admission to a good College. Then it was finding a nice job. But now I feel really strange. Now, I really miss that feeling. That feeling of some big upcoming event that can change my life.

There were new books to read and new problems to solve every year. New teachers, new classmates and new lessons. Now life is somewhat monotonous. There is nothing exciting in life for coming few years. Nothing that have potential to change my life forever. I realize I was getting everything cooked and dried till now. There were things that were already planned. School and College and all. From now on, I need to decide myself what I want to do in future. I am supposed to create those Big Events for myself.

This is strange. I never thought life can be like this. Although decisions are what make us humans different from Computers. But its really difficult. Is this freedom?? I will be responsible for my failures now. Even earlier I was, but I always have option to blame others or the system for the miseries of life. Parents and teachers were always there to decide on my behalf.

I have an option to kill few more years refusing to take a stand like others in my generation. Or, I can become socially awkward and criticize everything and everyone around. But I decide to choose the third option. Pretend to be confused. And ignore the fact that now I am responsible for my actions and even my actions can harm others.

Am I going through what they call “Quarter Life Crisis”??But I am happy. I just cannot choose. Am I turning into a Robot?? But ignoring everything is also a choice. I may be on self destruction mode but I have chosen this. Thank God! At-least I am human.

Humans cannot be happy or sad for a long time. The situation is going to change soon. Some disaster, disease or a girl (J) will strike soon. This time I will face everything unprepared. 


  1. Ali, man what is wrong with you? a fucking robot? You are totally awesome bro! You have and had a perfect life, hahahha its ok I Know job sucks but you will be fine man, just get along. You are not in any shit crisis for god sake, I know life sounds monotonous in jobs, btw how is your language classes going on buddy, you screwed it up like me? and yes i think the chick idea is cool, get one.

    1. I think I am loosing all my awesomeness. Its not just about job. Its about the turn life is taking. And may be about balancing things. By the way, I am still confused. But you can really help by throwing more parties regularly. :)

    2. I think I am in a depression after reading this same page :( now I think I am confused. bahahhwhhahahaha well, parties are always there man. I will arrange a party very soon.

    3. This sounds good. I have already started gaining awesomeness. :)