Monday, April 1, 2013

Turning into James Bond

My every morning begins with a chase. I chase a 15 seater Tempo Traveller, picking up corporate slaves across South Delhi. This vehicle reaches Batla House Bus Stop at exact 7:55 AM. Even I reach the place at the same time. And sometimes a few seconds late. I am supposed to board that Tempo along with few others at the Bus Stop to reach office.

I leave my apartment at exact 7:50 AM. Five minutes is just enough time to reach Batla House Bus Stop from Zakir Nagar by a rickshaw. The time is so idealistic that if rickshaw-wala is lazy(or Old) or there is traffic its sure that I will miss the tempo by a few seconds. Then I have to hire an auto-rickshaw or board a Red DTC bus if its there in the vicinity at that point in time. And the chase begins. I have to reach Kalindi Kunj before the Tempo via another short route. This way I have my share of morning adventure. Nothing is more refreshing than reaching that point and catching the Tempo. This becomes my first achievement everyday.

I run like Bond but I don't look like him. He is too old.
My list of similarities with James Bond:
  • Like all Bond movies my day begins with a chase.
  • I am dressed in complete formals.
  • Like Bond, I have to answer my Lady Boss if I fail.
  • I am working for a big organization which operates across the globe.
  • I am connected with others who tell me the location(of Tempo) via my Sony phone. :)
  • I use multiple transports while chasing. (Rickshaw, Auto-Rickshaw, Bus and sometimes I run too)
Although I can rephrase it in many ways but being late is a bad habit. And I am doing this since college days. Many times I missed attendance and good grades coz of being late(there is always something to blame for bad grades). However, college is not just about attendance and grades. Vaise bhi "Old habits and bad habits die hard".


  1. Thinking of school days, I never imagined that you will be a funny guy one day, you made me laugh and you made me giggle. bhai the comparison chat is very very entertaining and I almost saw you chasing like Daniel Craig, and "I run like Bond but I don't look like him. He is too old." this is called the attitude man! he is too old, that is right.

    1. Then what do you think of me like? I always had this humorous side.

    2. come on you innocent dawg, nobody knows this side, i mean we never saw you like this.