Thursday, April 10, 2014

Voted for Identity

It is not very normal for me to get up early on a holiday. Still, I decided to get up early to cast my vote before its too hot and crowded outside. It looked like a normal morning in Zakir Nagar with minimal traffic. It was after reaching Batla House Chowk, I observed something different. There were more than a dozen Policemen, two of them on Horses. Road was blocked for vehicles from one side to allow only pedestrians. Few people were sitting on a chair-table in a corner and were browsing through sheets of paper. I moved on towards Jamia School, my polling booth.

The whole School campus was full of security personnel. The buildings, walkways and atmosphere inside the School felt very familiar. Within seconds I went down the memory lane and imagined younger version of myself looking at me from one of the classrooms on the top floor. "It is my school", I thought and smiled. The Good old days. I spent four most memorable years of my life in that campus.
My Electoral Stain / Voter mark
Although I am yet to receive my Voter's Id card, my name was there in the list. After several levels of verification, I was inked and allowed to vote. I pressed a button, a red LED blinked with a sound. And the woman, who inked me, confirmed that my vote was successful. I thanked her, smiled and left with a sense of achievement.

The place was't very crowded. I found more women than men at the polling booth. Even while returning I observed women coming in groups or with their husbands. They all looked more excited than men. When I came out one man, while starting his scooter, said to another man sitting on his bike, "Umeed hai is baar kuch to Gandgi kam hogi", and smiled. The other person nodded. It was clear that he voted for a clean system.

I voted for identity and self respect. I hope well deserving and responsible people come to power. And I am so glad that this election season is over.

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