Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Cure For Common Cold

I again became a victim of 'common cold'. And like always I got irritated, Mummy asked me to visit a doctor and take some medicine. However, there are more well-wishers in my life now. Like my mother this new well-wisher I am talking about has a big say in my issues now. She is my wife.

Sana, who herself avoids medicine especially antibiotics, advised me to consume home remedy instead of antibiotics. I used to take 'a citrizine' whenever I had cold. I must admit that I am vulnerable to it, I suffer from cold every two months. This time I also decided to avoid medicine. As a result I am sneezing for last two days. But I am sticking to masala tea, coffee and Unanai medicine.

I decided to Google and what I found not only validated Sana's insistence on avoiding antibiotics but also revealed that there is actually no cure for 'common cold':

Antibiotics have no effect against viral infections or against the viruses that cause the common cold.[67] Due to their side effects, antibiotics cause overall harm but are still frequently prescribed.[67][68] Some of the reasons that antibiotics are so commonly prescribed include people's expectations for them, physicians' desire to help, and the difficulty in excluding complications that may be amenable to antibiotics.[69] There are no effective antiviral drugs for the common cold even though some preliminary research has shown benefits.

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