Sunday, February 5, 2023

ChatGPT is Impressive

Today I asked ChatGPT to improve one of my old poems. 

Title suggested by ChatGPT: Blessed in the Storm: Reflections on Grace and Testing

Reflections of my past
And the sins I can't undo. 

But is it just my deeds,
Or the legacy of those before me too?

I've made so many mistakes,
Why am I blessed with so much grace? 

What I have is more than enough,
Perhaps I just lack human perception.

Tests come in many forms,
Not just in suffering and storms. 

Perhaps even reward can be a test,
A way for my creator to assess.

He has his own mysterious ways,
Ignoring him could bring us astray. 

But revenge is not his goal,
Even when we don't ask for absolution for our soul.

Why do I seek more,
When I'm already one of the blessed in his store? 

Why can't I see that this is enough,
That I'm one of the chosen, put to the test of love.

Visit this page for original version of my poem.

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