Saturday, December 17, 2011

Professional Life

My professional life begun in mid November this year with joining in SapientNitro. I have joined Sapient's Cyber Green office in Gurgaon. The journey till now is smooth here. These days our training is going on. The training here is happening in two batches. I am part of the Java batch. The other batch is called Dot Net batch. As the name suggests we are being trained in Java and related technologies.

My Office: Sapient Gurgaon
       In college life I always wondered how these big companies work? and what happens in these big glossy buildings? Now after entering the corporate life I realized how all the things work inside. Corporate life is very different from college life. I wear business formals to office. Like college there are rules but the difference is people really follow them here. Everything is planned and organized. People are mannered and smile a lot however I don't find all the smiles original.  I cannot bunk here the way I did in college. Now I understand the importance of weekends and every single holiday. 

       I really miss my college,Jamia, a lot. Life in Jamia was really fun. Living with friends in hostel and that delicious food. In Gurgaon I could not find any single good restaurant nearby. Moreover, like college there are very few girls in our batch ;-). All my friends are also facing the same issues in different parts of India. Life in every company is almost same. So I never regret my decision of not joining TCS for Sapient.

       The best thing about professional life is money. I got my first salary recently. Parents and relatives are really happy about my job and I bought gifts for them. I think it will take some more time for me to get habitual and adjust comfortably in the Corporate Culture.

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