Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life Is Good

This year begun with partying with friends in central Delhi. On new year's eve I had some delicious food near Jama Masjid with Khawar, SaquibFarooque , Mudassar and Aleem, my school friends. And later we ended up in NFC's community center where Noor also joined. I bought this new phone "Live with Walkman" next morning. Also watched few movies including latest Mission Impossible and Sherlock Homes in multiplexes which  I might not have done in college life.

New Year's eve in NFC
Vidit, Rajneesh, Farrukh n me in
 Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon
       Now as I started earning I feel more independent and free. However now I have to be more responsible. As of now there are no demands from family and there are no boundations but I know there will be some very soon. And more importantly its time to apply what I have learnt throughout in school and college i.e now I am part of society so I should now look after social and environmental problems too. 

       However I was already mentally prepared for this but the biggest question that disturbs me sometimes now a days is "Whats next??". I am thinking about a lot of things and probably I will dedicate my next post to this question. 

       Still as of now every 30th I receive a huge sum of money which is enough for me to do whatever I want.
Yes, by the grace of Almighty life is really good..!! :)