Saturday, February 4, 2012

My First Dish

Today, I tried my hands on cooking first time in my life. The combination of  boring weekend, maid's absence, laziness and 'long time desire to experiment with cooking' forced me to cook something more than an omelet for myself. Laziness, because I always had an option to go out n eat in a restaurant but I was feeling too lazy to go out. So I searched on Google and found an easy recipe. The dish is called "Egg fried rice". I chose it because its really easy to cook and all the ingredients required were available in my kitchen.

Some of the ingredients I used.
I started cooking while listening music. I modified the recipe and also changed the sequence of ingredients to be added. Almost burnt my hand because I lost concentration when one of my favorite tracks started playing. Forgot to put ginger garlic paste and even scratched my face just after cutting chilies. I messed up our whole kitchen. By the time I finished the whole kitchen n room was filled up with smoke because I forgot to turn on the exhaust fan. Still the final result turned out to be reasonably delicious. However I think I can do much better.
Final Dish - Egg Fried Rice
Yes it was a good learning experience and  it made me feel more independent.

One of my friends asked if I am preparing for future i.e life after marriage??
I said "Yes maybe, U never know".! :)

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