Monday, March 26, 2012

At Zakir Nagar in the Middle of a Night.

At 1 am, Zakir Nagar in South Delhi is one of the few places where you can find some delicious stuff to eat.
In college days my friends and I usually used to climb the Jamia Hostel wall to come here in search of food. Now a days I am living in Zakir Nagar and last weekend again I was feeling hungry in the middle of night. So I went out in search of something I can eat.

When people must have slept in most of Delhi's residential areas. This muslim neighbourhood in South Delhi was still serving some delicious stuff. At 1 am in the night lot of activities were going on. Galavati Kebab, the shop,  was spreading the smell of frying meat. And serving customers with mouth watering kebabs, parathas and chicken keema. Rotiwalas had extinguished the fire in their underground ovens and were listening to old melodies on FM. Pehelvan, that fat old  man, was counting money as his son prepared fresh creamy lassi for customers. Muradabadi biryani was almost finish still I managed to have some with lot of oil perforated in the base of degh. Roadside Juicewala was also feeling sleepy. Still he humbly asked "aur ??", after I have consumed a glass full of natural fruit juice. I said "no" however if you say "yes". He again half fills your glass with fresh juice.

The two dudes at Blenders, the shake parlour, were listening to sad songs as they sold their refreshing fruit shakes. The street dogs also had enough and captured their favourite places to sleep. Some of them even prefered to sleep in the middle of road. 

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