Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Grandmother

I went to Amroha last weekend and met my maternal grandmother. I call her "Naani Ammi". After meeting her this time, I realized how special she is to me.

She is full of knowledge and experiences. I can learn so much from her. Earlier when there was no formal education the older generation was the only source of learning for humans. Even today they are the first ones we start learning from. When I met her, she was so happy. She put her hand on my head, that's how elders in Amroha bless their children.

We discussed how fast the world have changed in recent years. She told me, when phones were not there the popular form of communication were letters and the fastest mode was telegram. Even that used to take at least two days to reach. And generally people used them for informing about some miss-happening. They used to torn off a corner of the paper carrying news about someone's death. So, on receiving such a letter people used to have an idea about the bad news. I tried to tell her about some other developments in technology like online shopping and Google. Although she looked surprised however I doubt if she really understood everything I told her.

She invested whole life in her children. And she is really successful. She is the one behind my mother's all delicious recipes. She successfully transferred her values and culture to my mother, who is teaching me now. Even today she is completely self dependent and full of energy. When I went to meet her, she prepared coffee for me. When I was a kid, she used to tell me stories. I want to spend more time with her and gain some wisdom. But holidays in corporate world are very limited. :(

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