Sunday, November 2, 2014

About 2 Movies and 1 Defect

Recently, I watched the movie, Haider, and really loved it. Although Haider is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. It also very nicely portrays the plight of Kashmiris. Apart from great direction and story, Vishal made sure he used local Kashmiri music and real locations. Everything look and feels very authentic. I liked it more because of Faiz's ghazals which are part of movie's music(check it below).

About the defect:
This one defect(a software bug) came to my plate last week. I was supposed to fix it by Friday. Somehow, I wasn't able to focus on work last Friday so I spent most of my time working with others on their issues. I thought I will fix the defect over the weekend but all the time is already gone and now Sunday night blues.

About the other movie:
This movie is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to fix the above defect. Last night, after working for about an hour, when I was about to find the root cause for the defect, I somehow decided to take a short break. I started checking out few songs in my hard drive. Somehow, I clicked on the file containing this movie called "Khoobsurat". The idea was to check out some scenes and watch it later if it appears interesting. Within 2-3 scenes it aroused my interest and I decided to continue it for few more minutes. It turned out to be a romantic comedy which I started enjoying. The comedy iss light and all performances are very natural, I ended up watching it till the end. No actor tried to overact. Sonam's role of a quirky girl and Kirron Kher as her outspoken mother were entertaining. I have decided to copy Fawad's style soon.

The defect remains unfixed. :(

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