Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Selfie Addiction And What Elders Think Of It

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After a recent family function, a discussion with Uncles and Aunts about the other side of family made me realize some funny things about our popular culture. I was already expecting the comments about how sleeveless and low cut dresses are indecent. There was much more to it this time.

Aunt 1, disappointingly : "I don't understand which type of people they are. The are all namuney."

Aunt 2 : "They don't even know how to get dressed for a wedding. One of the girls was wearing a dress made out of bed sheet."

Aunt 3 : "They are all mad. One girl was continuously taking her pictures herself. She was making strange faces. She even took pictures with her tongue sticking out".

I smiled. I knew she was talking about 'selfie'. It is obvious that my Aunties were unaware of the popular selfie culture like most other elders in family. Even I agree with them, taking too many selfies in the middle of so many people makes you appear insane. Especially if you are pouting, making duck face and sticking your tongue out.

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