Sunday, January 19, 2014

Something is wrong

Like all Science students, I have this habit to ask "Why?" before accepting anything. I need a reason before storing any new thought or theory in my memory. During college days, Logic, Reasoning and Calculation occupied most of my abnormal brain. For years, my brain's firewall stopped me from exploring my artistic and romantic side. As soon as I came out of college many more questions regarding religion, politics, history and culture started to stack up and attack the firewall. All this made me feel very uneducated.

Photo Credit:  Dullhunk
Education is all about knowing everything about something and something about everything.
Eventually, I decided to shift my interest more towards arts and literature. Enrolled for learning Spanish, but failed to accommodate the classes into my corporate routine. To keep going I started reading everything except science. Internet came to my rescue and the destruction began.

In a few months I found myself reading more Urdu poetry than anything and its magic started working. Although I was not very fluent in Urdu but online dictionaries made it easy to understand. I also started enjoying Qawwali, Gazals and Thumri. All my favorite singers got replaced by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jagjit Singh, Iqbal Bano and Rekha Bhardwaj among others.

I call it destruction because I am spending lots of time listening music and reading many unrelated theories about everything. I wonder if I am really gaining anything other than confusion. Do I really know where am I going? Unlike Science, there are no limits in Arts, no boundaries, no resistance for imagination. Although brain is sending regular warnings but somehow I am enjoying this journey.

"Jo radd hue thay jahan main kai sadi pehle,
   Woh log hum pe musallat hain is zamanay main." 
 : JaunElia

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