Saturday, January 25, 2014

Koffee with Stars

Just now I watched two episodes of Koffee with Karan. All this while, when the show was off for years, I used to think that I was so immature earlier to choose it as one of my favorite shows on TV. I thought how can I get entertained with all the false information that stars give just for increasing TRPs of a show and earning money. But then that is how entertainment industry works. You should neither believe nor take anything to heart said over TV. I tried this and again it became my favorite show.

There are many things that one can learn from this show. One of them is how to answer most personal questions and insult people without actually acknowledging their name. One of the questions that I feel to answer now is "top three agendas of life". Without taking much time I found this answer:

  • Career: Definitely, its always there in mind, all the time. I always wonder what I will be doing five years from now. Will I ever be good at anything? 
  • Life after Death : This should be on top of this list. But I am too weak and get carried away with smaller issues everyday. This agenda is most important but most forgettable. Really need to set my priorities straight. 
  • Wedding: Hmm.. Yes. Few of my friends are getting married next month and I am yet to meet someone I can think of spending my whole life with. This was always in top 5. Now in top 3.

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