Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Vacations

               I am having the least busy schedule these days. Actually our summer vacations are going on and i have nothing to do. Being in Computer Engineering Department we do not require to undergo industrial training which is compulsory in other departments. So i m spending time sleeping, playing games, watching movies and meeting friends. I m getting too lazy now a days more coz i am at home and get everything ready from clothes to food.

            Being the Placement Coordinator of my class i had to go for meetings in the placement office and may be its the only useful work i m doing this summer. Apart from this i had bought a new "Java book" but its lying as it is. I am supposed to learn java this summer because we have to build a project in the coming semester and even i m tring but opening book is like inviting sleep these days.

            I m enjoying this vacation more because i got them after a long tiring year of following deadlines and may be its my last vacations because my student life is ending(inshahallah) this year and people say that once u walk into the professional life it become impossible to have such long breaks.

           But i know only 15 days are left and the same monotonous life is starting after them where i need to follow limits, have to perform and be a part of marks grabbing system. But this time i need to be more serious because this year is the final one.
So looking forward to work sincerely in the coming semester so that i get some new and different challanges to face next year.

          But do not want to bear any tensions for atleast these 15 days and want to enjoy them to fullest.