Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ghazal 3: Mera Aangan Mehakta Hai

Image Credit: Margrit
میرا آنگن مہکتا ہے تو انہی کو جلن ہوتی ہے
درختوں کو کاٹ کر جو دیواروں سے پھولوں کی آس رکھتے ہیں

اب انکو راز کے فاش ہونے کا کیوں در ہے
حبیبوں کو بھولا کر جو رقیبوں کو اپنا خاص رکھتے ہیں

آج زمانہ فرشتوں کو بھی دھوکے میں رکھتا ہے
جو باتیں حجاب کی کرتے ہیں ووہی جسم بےلباس رکھتے ہیں

شب-ا-ہجر کچھ اس طرح قرار پاتے ہیں
خود کو دنیا سے دور انکی یادوں کو دل کے پاس رکھتے ہیں

English Version:

Mera aangan mahekta hai to unhi ko jalan hoti hai,
Darakhton ko kaat kar jo deewaron se phoolon ki aas rakhte hain.

Ab unko raaz ke faash honey ka kyu darr hai,
Habibon ko bhula kar jo raqeebon ko apna khaas rakhte hain.

Aaj zamana farishton ko bhi dhokey me rakhta hai,
Jo baatein hijab ki karte hain wohi jism be-libaas rakhte hain.

Shab-e-hijr kuch is tarah qaraar paate hain.
Khud ko duniya se door, unki yadoon ko dil ke paas rakhte hain.


Only those are jealous of my garden's fragrances,
Those who cut the trees and expect walls to produce flowers.

Now, why are they scared about revelation of their secrets,
They themselves forgot their friends and preferred the company of rivals.

Today, people are trying to fool the angels(those who keep track of good/bad deeds).
Those who talk about Hijab(head scarf), keep their body uncovered.

I try to find solace in the night of seperation, this way,
I keep myself away from this world and keep her memories close to my heart.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Wedding Question

"We are looking for a girl, for you", said my mother with her mysterious smile.
I knew they had a plan. Although my father was pretending to be completely occupied by newspaper, I knew they were waiting for my reaction.

That wasn't the first time I was dragged into such discussion. But the difference is that it used to be a question earlier. It was more of an FYI this time. I knew something has already been cooked. My earlier excuses are no more valid. The search is already on or maybe I am late to the party. It has already ended.

"For how long have you planned to remain confused?", I asked myself. I still wondered how can I so casually take such a big life changing decision. All sort of negative thoughts filled up my abnormal brain.

"Is it the right time?"
"Living with a complete stranger?"
"Is this how it works?"
"Life?" :)
"Heaven?" :)
 Many more weird things.

"We are not asking you to get married tomorrow. Even finding a nice girl takes time. Come on, be normal. This is how it works", she added very casually.

I talked to myself, "Be reasonable. You cannot run away from this any further. Bring on something concrete".
I knew all my past Google searches have made me more confused. No one in the world actually have an exact answer about my concerns. I knew this nervousness will turn out to be "very normal human behavior" later but I was not convinced by her.

And like always, I turned to Allah for help. However, I realized, I cannot expect straight answers to my silly questions from him. I knew when Islam comes into picture, I satisfy all the conditions for "nikah". These realizations made me reach the root cause. I ended up asking Allah to make my mother find someone who is best for me. I wanted to be a little specific but all I could add was "someone who takes me to heaven".

Somehow I felt better. And reluctantly I gave mummy a green signal.

It took her just a few weeks to surprise me with The Wedding Answer.