Monday, January 30, 2012

Generate a Barcode for Free

Just learnt how to create a barcode.
Bar Code Containing my blog's URL
2 Dimensional Barcodes can store much more than simply a number. Now a days I find them quiet often in newspapers, magazines and websites. Actually recent phones are equipped with barcode scanners so its very easy to read them. They are being used for marketing. They simply code the company's web address using barcode and print them in newspapers and magazines. Then u just need to scan that using ur phone and ur phone browser takes u to that link.

We can generate a barcode without paying anything through a number of websites. One of them is:

A good internet application!! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life Is Good

This year begun with partying with friends in central Delhi. On new year's eve I had some delicious food near Jama Masjid with Khawar, SaquibFarooque , Mudassar and Aleem, my school friends. And later we ended up in NFC's community center where Noor also joined. I bought this new phone "Live with Walkman" next morning. Also watched few movies including latest Mission Impossible and Sherlock Homes in multiplexes which  I might not have done in college life.

New Year's eve in NFC
Vidit, Rajneesh, Farrukh n me in
 Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon
       Now as I started earning I feel more independent and free. However now I have to be more responsible. As of now there are no demands from family and there are no boundations but I know there will be some very soon. And more importantly its time to apply what I have learnt throughout in school and college i.e now I am part of society so I should now look after social and environmental problems too. 

       However I was already mentally prepared for this but the biggest question that disturbs me sometimes now a days is "Whats next??". I am thinking about a lot of things and probably I will dedicate my next post to this question. 

       Still as of now every 30th I receive a huge sum of money which is enough for me to do whatever I want.
Yes, by the grace of Almighty life is really good..!! :)