Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Selfie Addiction And What Elders Think Of It

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After a recent family function, a discussion with Uncles and Aunts about the other side of family made me realize some funny things about our popular culture. I was already expecting the comments about how sleeveless and low cut dresses are indecent. There was much more to it this time.

Aunt 1, disappointingly : "I don't understand which type of people they are. The are all namuney."

Aunt 2 : "They don't even know how to get dressed for a wedding. One of the girls was wearing a dress made out of bed sheet."

Aunt 3 : "They are all mad. One girl was continuously taking her pictures herself. She was making strange faces. She even took pictures with her tongue sticking out".

I smiled. I knew she was talking about 'selfie'. It is obvious that my Aunties were unaware of the popular selfie culture like most other elders in family. Even I agree with them, taking too many selfies in the middle of so many people makes you appear insane. Especially if you are pouting, making duck face and sticking your tongue out.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interstellar - The Movie Review

Interstellar is a science fiction adventure film directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is based in near future when earth is no more habitable so NASA decides to send space travelers in search of new places which are able to sustain humanity.

Although, I was not waiting for its release, not even heard about it till the previous day. But I agreed to join my friends because I needed a dose of entertainment after a long and tiring day in office(on Saturday). I may not be following Nolan religiously but I am aware that his movies require a functional brain.

About the movie:
  • This movie is the only application of "Theory Of Relativity", which I unsuccessfully tried to understand during engineering.
  • Please learn the basics about Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Murphy's Law and Universe before booking tickets.
  • Even if you are not from Science background please participate in clapping after the movie. You can later justify that you loved the direction and physical portrayal of time.
  • One of those movies which give you homework.
  • If you are a Salman fan and watch movies only for Entertainment. Go to the same multiplex and watch "The Shaukeens" on the other floor. Later, smile at people who come out confused after watching Interstellar.
  • Like a typical Sci-fi and Nolan movie, it too leaves many questions unanswered.

(Spoilers begin)
As explained by my friend Daud,the most interesting question is the loop. In the end, Cooper is able to save humanity by transmitting the message through Gravitation. But he transmitted the message from future to save humanity in the past. If he is in future, how could he survived the past. To make it simple, the question is who saved whom? Is it people from future who sent a message, saved their past. Or people in the past saved their future.
Who came first hen or the egg?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

About 2 Movies and 1 Defect

Recently, I watched the movie, Haider, and really loved it. Although Haider is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. It also very nicely portrays the plight of Kashmiris. Apart from great direction and story, Vishal made sure he used local Kashmiri music and real locations. Everything look and feels very authentic. I liked it more because of Faiz's ghazals which are part of movie's music(check it below).

About the defect:
This one defect(a software bug) came to my plate last week. I was supposed to fix it by Friday. Somehow, I wasn't able to focus on work last Friday so I spent most of my time working with others on their issues. I thought I will fix the defect over the weekend but all the time is already gone and now Sunday night blues.

About the other movie:
This movie is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to fix the above defect. Last night, after working for about an hour, when I was about to find the root cause for the defect, I somehow decided to take a short break. I started checking out few songs in my hard drive. Somehow, I clicked on the file containing this movie called "Khoobsurat". The idea was to check out some scenes and watch it later if it appears interesting. Within 2-3 scenes it aroused my interest and I decided to continue it for few more minutes. It turned out to be a romantic comedy which I started enjoying. The comedy iss light and all performances are very natural, I ended up watching it till the end. No actor tried to overact. Sonam's role of a quirky girl and Kirron Kher as her outspoken mother were entertaining. I have decided to copy Fawad's style soon.

The defect remains unfixed. :(