Saturday, December 17, 2011

Professional Life

My professional life begun in mid November this year with joining in SapientNitro. I have joined Sapient's Cyber Green office in Gurgaon. The journey till now is smooth here. These days our training is going on. The training here is happening in two batches. I am part of the Java batch. The other batch is called Dot Net batch. As the name suggests we are being trained in Java and related technologies.

My Office: Sapient Gurgaon
       In college life I always wondered how these big companies work? and what happens in these big glossy buildings? Now after entering the corporate life I realized how all the things work inside. Corporate life is very different from college life. I wear business formals to office. Like college there are rules but the difference is people really follow them here. Everything is planned and organized. People are mannered and smile a lot however I don't find all the smiles original.  I cannot bunk here the way I did in college. Now I understand the importance of weekends and every single holiday. 

       I really miss my college,Jamia, a lot. Life in Jamia was really fun. Living with friends in hostel and that delicious food. In Gurgaon I could not find any single good restaurant nearby. Moreover, like college there are very few girls in our batch ;-). All my friends are also facing the same issues in different parts of India. Life in every company is almost same. So I never regret my decision of not joining TCS for Sapient.

       The best thing about professional life is money. I got my first salary recently. Parents and relatives are really happy about my job and I bought gifts for them. I think it will take some more time for me to get habitual and adjust comfortably in the Corporate Culture.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Need of Email Notifications on Facebook

For signing up on Facebook we need an email address. And we receive facebook notifications on our email inbox. I think it was believed that people check their e mail address frequently so its better if they also find facebook notifications in Inbox.

But now the trend had changed and people like me check Facebook more often than E-mail. So now I think there is a need of email notifications on Facebook. Facebook allows us to easily unsubscribe to its notifications on email however there is no way to receive email notifications on Facebook.

Facebook notifications in ur Inbox are useful if its blocked in ur college or office. But if its not blocked and you are addicted to Facebook than such feature is required. Hope Yahoo, Google and Facebook add this feature soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Fight with Dengue

It started on 7th of October . I was living at Batla House in New Delhi those days.  That night I had fever and a little headache. Next morning I consulted a doctor and he told me that I have some kind of viral fever and it will take 3-4 days to recover completely. It continued for next three days and fourth day I was admitted in the Holy Family Hospital’s Emergency ward. Life becomes really difficult when you are living away from family with friends and u get ill. U cannot eat the restaurant food. Those three days I survived on fruits and packed food- biscuits, chips, cakes etc. My friends Fahad , Santosh and Farrukh  took great care of me and even got me admitted in the hospital when I vomited three times.

That day I got admitted in a hospital first time in my life. Once I reached the hospital I automatically started feeling better. I wonder if that was the affect of fresh morning air I breathed or those Jamia girls in hurry for their classes :) . Initially I was a little excited to be admitted in a hospital first time. I was comfortable till the first few injections but all my excitement got over once a tube was put in my stomach for the purpose of cleaning it. The tube was inserted through my nose and 2/3 of it was inside me.

Later I was shifted to ICU(Intensive Care Unit). I believe ICU is a place where most critically ill patients are kept. So once I was transferred there I started feeling that there is something extremely wrong with me. Although I was not feeling any pain however I had fever and was getting irritated with that tube. That tube wasn't allowing me to speak, drink or look around comfortably. For two days I neither drank nor ate anything. I was surviving only on glucose that was being injected in my body continuously. There, my blood was tested and I was diagnosed with Dengue.

I used to think that patients take complete rest in ICU and no one disturbs them but I was wrong. There every 40 minutes a nurse came and did something. From time to time they checked my temperature and blood pressure, performed cleaning, injected something, asked questions, done ECG etc. I felt they are trying to prove that they are taking care of me. Once that tube was removed, I enjoyed the company of those special purpose computers but their beeps were annoying. Those machines collectively produced such a sound which resembled my phone’s ringtone. Many times I woke up feeling that my phone is ringing. I got bored because nobody was allowed to meet me. I asked one of the nurses there to give me something to read. She gave me a heavy medical book which was interesting. But I could not concentrate on that for too long and later preferred sleeping. My platelets count kept decreasing. It came down to 150,000 from 250,000 the previous day.

   Later my parents got me discharged from there and took me to some other hospital where doctors did not even admitted me and just asked to take some medicine and lot of liquid. By that time my platelets count had reached 50,000. One doctor even told me that admitting me to ICU and some other tests were unnecessary. There I learnt that some private hospitals may conduct few unnecessary tests for making money. I drank lot of liquid and started recovering. Within three days my platelets count became normal.

Dengue is such a disease in which patient don’t feel much. I just had little fever and no pain or anything. Now I realize how dangerous one single mosquito is.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogadda Image

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Don't know why they want me to verify?
Obviously nobody will promote someone else's blog. :)

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mohalla Peerzada - A locality in Amroha

Peerzada is one of the many localities of Amroha. It lies in the center of the city. 95 % population of this locality comprises of muslims most of them educated including many engineers, doctors and lawyers. The locality is named so because the descendents of Peer Hazrat Shah abban Badar-e-Chishti(R.A) live here.

    Hazrat Shah Abban, a great sufi saint who came here from Kerman in Iran, esatablished his Khanqah and an adjacent mosque here. Even today his Khanqah exists and an annual "urs" is held here. He was given the name “Shah Abban” by his followers which means “Father of Kings(Sufis)" . He is the ancestor of Amroha's RIZVIS.

There are three mosques and four primary schools in the locality.

Some other important places:

Asad cable Network: 
         The largest entertainment network of the district. Its also an advertisement agency. The local NEWS channels NNI live is also broadcasted from here.

Ghaate ki gali :
         This is ghostly street in the locality which even today people are scared to cross during night. People claim to have seen and even followed by ghosts there.

AP Health Club:
         Its the most reputed gymnasium of Amroha. Altough the facility is available only for gents.

Khari Kuan: 
         It’s a famous landmark and can also be considered a sub-locality. ‘Khari’ means ‘Saline’ and ‘Kuan’ is ‘a well’ in Hindi. Actually the landmark used to be a well with saline water . It was filled later and now a transformer is placed on its top. This sub-locality is home of Amroha’s JAFRI community.

Monday, August 29, 2011

After Anna's Movement and Acceptance of Jan Lokpal Bill

There is no doubt that CORRUPTION is affecting every Indian so no one can say he don't want it to be killed. But no one knew how to begin?? Then came the Anna's movement at the right time and found big support in the form of angry and helpless Indians. 

But people like me smelled something fishy in the movement in the beginning. Actually we could not agree to all of the points of Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill and cannot completely trust some members of Anna's team. And the fact that we had no better idea did not convince us to start following anybody with the cause. So we took a neutral stand with inclination towards Anna. But their slogan,“either you are with us or against us”,made us the opposition.

Most of the people supporting Anna were emotional about corruption and many of them were anti-government(or politically motivated). In its last dayz the movement was turning anti-government because Anna's health was going down and people started thinking the government is not that serious about corruption. Even Anna's team was getting accused by people like Bal Thackrey, Lalu , Outlook Magazine for playing with Anna's life and also observed rift (with Justice Hedge, Aruna Roy etc even leaving the team). But when the opposition seemed to come in full support the government agreed to almost all the demands of Anna's team.

In the end, of that so called Revolution, team Anna cleverly tried to please minorities and schedule castes by having Anna break his 12 day long fast by the hand of a Muslim and a Dalit girl. It seems someone in the team has political ambitions or there is another movement ahead.

Now the movement may have ended but fears of a powerful Jan Lokpal becoming a parallel government in itself still remain. In November the bill will be converted into a law. Only future will tell if the movement is sucessfull or if it just raised the TRPs of NEWS channels and wasted the precious time and energy of Indian youth.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google Plus Invitation

Google+ is a latest social network by Google.
From the very beginning its been seen as a Facebook competitor. But Google is still testing it with limited number of users. To begin networking there u need an invite.

I have around 250 invitations. If u want to be invited there ... click one of the links:

1. Google+ Invitations
2. Google plus Invitations

See u there. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Season of Mangoes in Amroha

Amroha, my hometown, is known for its production of mangoes. Amroha is one of the largest mango producing districts of western UP. Even the name Amroha is a combination of two words 'Aam' and 'Rohu'. 'Aam' means 'mango' in English and 'Rohu' is a type of fish. Although I cannot differentiate 'Rohu' from other varieties of fishes but now I can recognize many varieties of mangoes. Even I wondered when Amroha is not on a sea coast neither it is on a bank of a river how come this place is known for fishes. Later I learned that the city was having many ponds on its outskirts where people used to catch those fishes. But now many of those ponds are dry and many were filled up for urbanization.

This summer,after years, I got a chance to spend my holidays in Amroha. The city is on a fast track of development. There are better roads, many new colleges and schools, a flyover and many new showrooms. Its the time of the year when the trees all around Amroha are full of mangoes. But no one can dare to enter any of the Mango orchards without permission because they are secured. As soon as u try to touch a fruit someone shouts from a mile away. And not just that ...there are trained dogs who provide security to these orchards. Actually these orchards, full of mangoes, attract everyone including robbers.

Being from Amroha the love for mangoes comes naturally to me. Even my Grandfather owned a mango orchard. But it wasn't of any profit and needed a lot of care so he sold it later. This season I had tasted many different varieties of mangoes. Amroha produce many of the varieties and many other come from nearby villages and districts in our market. One type of mango may differ from others in color, taste, smell, size, price or looks.

So in Amroha its not just about eating this delicious pulpy fruit. But about tasting all of its varieties also called “Qismaat”. Finding different varieties is not easy even in Amroha. There are only six-seven varieties like Bombai, langda, chausa etc. which are popular and produced in huge quantity. Rest of the other varieties's production is very low and most of it is exported, self consumed or gifted to relatives by the orchard owners. Even to buy some of the quantity that comes in the market u have to make an advance request and constant queries with fruit sellers. And also need to recognize what u are being sold because u can be easily fooled by the fruit seller.
But the effort is worth doing for “The King of Fruits”..!!

Read more abt the efforts and experiments, varieties and uses of mangoes in Amroha in the next post.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thoughts One Night

I wanted holidayz .... now i m getting bored at home so i want to get back to college... now i realize that i didn't wanted holidays but some time to spend with friends .... I miss u all....nw i wonder how will I survive after college........... its 5.20 A.M .
I should sleep now.

Good Night!!