Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Food in Delhi

Jamia Nagar in South Delhi is a student's hub. Many students live in Batla House and Zakir Nagar as paying guests. There exist many food joints and restaurants which serve good quality inexpensive food. There are so many options that for weeks you can eat different dishes at different places everyday.

Undoubtedly, Jamia Nagar serves one of the best non-vegetarian food in Delhi. Every restaurant here have a specialty. This specialty is known to people who eat in Zakir Nagar/Batla House regularly. So, for best version of a specific dish you should go to a particular place. Here people like me doesn't go to a restaurant, look at menu and decide what to eat. Rather we first decide what to eat then accordingly go to a restaurant. Below is a list of some popular dishes and restaurants which specialize in them:

P.S. : There are many more delicious dishes and restaurants in the locality. This is the list of stuff that are making me fat. Try at your own risk.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Protest Against Insult of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Being a muslim I believe there is one God and Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) is his messenger. As I believe I try to obey what Allah had ordered and spend my life the way Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) did. So he is my ideal and I try to copy him in every aspect of life. And this is also true for all the muslims around the world. Now when someone disrespects him it is obvious that every muslim feels offended. Disrespecting an ideal is as if you are insulting all his followers. This is clear racism. They keep doing it, again and again, and still call their society civilized.

However I am also against these violent protests that are in progress in many countries in Asia. Many innocents are loosing their lives which is strictly against Islam. Even when the Prophet(PBUH) himself was targeted by locals in Taif and his legs started bleeding. An angel appeared and asked him if he want all of them to be crushed between mountains. He simply refused the punishment and even prayed for them. So, how can we justify these violent protests?

We must understand that some people can use us for their political ambitions. People are really sensitive to religious sentiments. So, some politicians find it a best time to gain popularity without caring about the lives of those innocents who become victim of violence. Its time we use our brains and follow the religion. Stop getting influenced by the West and our own selfish leaders.

May Allah grant all of us true guidance and wisdom.