Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flying Towards Bangalore

I suddenly got up and started searching for my phone. I barely slept for 2 hours that night. I checked the time, it was 3:45 AM. I got up fifteen minutes before the first alarm out of a series of three was to start ringing. It was excitement and concern about my first air journey to a new city that gave me sleepless night. I got ready and boarded the cab I requested earlier that night for going to IGI Airport. My first checkin at IGI T3 was really smooth. I was amazed by the size of T3 terminal and the number of shops there, its like a complete shopping mall.

I would be lying if I say I was not at all nervous about the air journey. After boarding the aircraft initially I was very excited. It later turned into nervousness and fear once the aircraft hit the runway. I always thought an aircraft to be a very high performing, efficient and smooth machine. When it started running it made strange "khad-khad" noise and started trembling like an old bus. I doubted if everything is ok with it and if it can really take me to Bangalore safely. I found relief in fellow passengers on whose face there was no sign of panic. And by looking at the faces of Air hostesses with heavy make-up whose smiles were becoming more wider on every passing second, I convinced myself that its normal. As soon as the aircraft started flying the noise and vibration reduced. Within a few minutes things outside the window started to grow smaller as if someone is zooming out the view.

If you have ever used google maps you will not be very amazed by the view outside. It looks very similar to the satellite images when you do maximum zoom out. Its flying above the clouds that was breathtaking. On looking down from the window you realize there is nothing outside, its just one big white cloud expanded till the end of the sky.

It took us just 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Bangalore.